Call or text: (520) 870-9287    |    Contact

  Call or text: (520) 870-9287  |  Contact

A Warm Welcome to New and Continuing Students.


Virtual Public and Private Yoga Sessions are Available Via Zoom:

Prenatal Yoga-Details here.

Sunday Hatha Yoga Zoom Class Series

Current Series:  July 12-August 23, 2020 (no class August 16)

Drop-in students welcome!

Next Series: September 6-October 11, 2020, same time schedule as below.

9-9:14 AM arrive

9:15-10:15(ish) AM Class.

Please complete your registration no later than 30 minutes prior to 9:00 AM.

Rates*: Pre-registration Rate: $55. The more classes you take in six weeks, the less each class costs. Additionally, free recordings are available to registrants.

Drop-in/A La Carte rate: $12.

Class Description: In this popular class, you will practice strengthening and stretching physical poses with awareness of bone integrity, muscle integration and joint safety. Movements include standing, sitting, prone, and supine. Balance and core work is always included. Variations for each pose are provided. One size does not fit all! Breath awareness and yoga breathing as well as accessible meditation is part of each practice. All levels welcome!

More Benefits of Yoga with Bonnie Hatha Yoga Class

RecordingsIf you miss a class you have invested in, or just really liked the class, you will receive a complimentary, private, youtube  recording. In effect, you will have endless opportunities to practice with any given class.

Post-Class Q&A In this popular benefit of class, you can stay on Zoom a few moments where Bonnie is available to answer any questions you have about the practice, a pose, or anything covered in class.

Questions? You can simply use the contact form or text me at 520-870-9287

Credit Toward Future Sessions Once the 6 class series has concluded, the plan is to start a new cycle. Sorry, no refunds or carry over credits for this online format. However, if you want to gift a credit to someone within those 6 weeks, please simply let us know in advance.

Before Class: Gather your yoga props or substitutes from around your house. We may not use all of them at any give practice but it is helpful to have them handy as if you were at the yoga studio.

  • yoga strap-Substitute: necktie, bathrobe tie, stretchy band, long scarf
  • blankets-Substitute: bath towels or throw pillows
  • blocks- Substitute: a book that you duct tape firmly around a block, a stable stepstool
  • bolsters- Substitute: wrap a blanket around an extra yoga mat, roll 2 firm blankets together

-Customized and personalized Zoom private sessions are available.

Learn how here.

All public in-person classes  are on hiatus until further notice.

Contact me for any questions!


Bonnie’s New Book Released! “Yoga for Holistic Healing”.  Available through Amazon and more sellers listed below.



Check out our workshop page and our Yoga for Healthy Aging page for upcoming specialized workshops.


Specially designed private sessions for you or your group.

I can tailor Beginners Yoga, Yoga for Bone Building, Prenatal Yoga, Chair Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Postpartum Yoga and many other focus areas for individuals or groups. Contact me to discuss your needs.


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